Web3 Blockchain
& NFT Marketplace

EgonCoin is fast, cheap energy efficient chain that aims to lower the barrier to entering usecases on Web3 and non-fungible tokens (NFT)


Next-Level Marketplace

EgonPay powered upcoming marketplace to offer access to NFTs and goods and service using EgonCoin assets as payments, as it offers appealing multiple use cases that will stand the test of time.

EgonCoin Blockchain

EgonCoin to drive next-level awareness on blockchain assets and the usefullness of NFTs from a new perspective for even business owners, by a blockchain that is faster and cheaper to use with 10k tps.


Creating Next Generation Ecosystem

Elevated Staking

Powered by Elevated Proof of Stake (EPoS) enabling anyone to own a piece of the network.

Eco-friendly Consensus

Be the first to experience the all new Elevated Proof of Stake consensus (EPoS)

Fast & Low-Cost

Engineered for scale, ensuring faster and cheap transactions at 10k TPS

Rare NFTs

EgonCoin offers its own blockchain, EgonChain with the all NEW EPoS protocol to make NFT entry simple at the Egonverse P2E marketplace

The Crypto - EgonCoin (EGON)

EgonCoin (EGON) is a cryptocurrency with own native blockchain network using all new Elevated Proof of Stake (EPoS) consensus. EgonCoin native token standard EGC-20 is used to enable transactions on the blockchain, while standard for EgonCoin NFTs is EGC-721.

271 Million EGON

Fixed Maximum Supply of 271 million coins will be distributed to three blockchains - EgonCoin, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.



◈ Coin Name


◈ Coin Symbol


◈ Max supply


◈ Decimal


◈ Network




◈ Consesus


◈ MAX Validators


◈ Mintable


◈ Coin Burn

Stake 18%

◈ Elevated Stake


◈ NFT Standard

About Us

A highly dedicated, diverse team having launched and attained userbase of more than 5 million users for it mobile apps live on Google play store and Apple store now taking this experience further to bring blockchain to the youths while making it simple with own native EPoS EgonCoin blockchain consensus. EgonCoin plan to use Web3 and web–based technology in order to execute vision of putting truly democratized and borderless money into the hands of millions.

Latest News on Egonchain

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Our Mission

Collectively building our way towards a progressive and innovative ecosystem that houses individuals and projects from next generation start-ups, to accomplished industry titans both in Technological Infrastructure and Providers in the Service Industry

EgonCoin plan to use Web3 and web–based technology in order to execute vision of putting truly democratized and borderless money into the hands of millions.

To achieve mission, simple to use mobile centric systems will be created like the upcoming marketplace for both NFTs and goods and services on EgonVerse and EgonMall.

Simple User Onboarding

More difficult to please than cryptocurrency investors, are retail customers. While preserving the technology's decentralized and non-custodial nature, we remove obstacles to enable high-quality consumer experiences.

Simple for Businesses

Scalable infrastructure is necessary for real-world companies to meet shifting demands. Web3 development complexity needs to be decreased in order to quickly ship products that introduce innovative payment model concepts.

Vertical Integration for payments

EgonCoin is simple to use for developers working with both blockchain and non-blockchain technologies. While being interoperable and compatible with the EVM ecosystem, the stack supports the business requirements of conventional businesses that want to use this disruptive technology.

EgonWallet App

EgonWallet app is a simple, powerful, smart, and secure multi-crypto wallet for the decentralized assets. First self custody wallet powered by EgonCoin Blockchain. With EgonWallet you are in control of your crypto.

EgonCoin Exchange

Everything you need to benefit from EgonCoin upcoming ecosystem. EGON coin is designed to be used as main utility on the EgonChain and will play an important role in the upcoming EgonCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange.

EgonCoin Roadmap

Phase 1

(2017 - 2022)

  • Project Inception
  • Core Team Formation
  • CoinVila Testnet Release
  • Research & Development
  • Mobile Mining App Launch
  • Five Million Miners Achieved
  • Wallet App & DEX Development
  • Token Deployed on BNB Chain
  • EgonCoin Testnet Launch
  • EgonWallet App
  • Launch Whitepaper v2

Phase 2

(Q2–Q3 2023)

  • EgonCoin Mainnet (Enclosed)
  • EgonBrowser App (Testing)
  • Investor Pitch
  • EgonCoin Site Update
  • Marketing Outreach
  • EgonAi Development
  • EgonVerse Development
  • Mining Partners
  • Validators Invitation
  • Whitepaper v3

Phase 3

(Q4 2023)

  • Validators Onboarding
  • EgonCoin Open Mainnet
  • EgonWallet Upgrade
  • CryptoKara Upgrade
  • EgonAi Overview
  • EgonPay Overview
  • Egon Exchange Overview
  • EgonVerse Gaming
  • EgonStatus Overview
  • Marketing Push
  • EgonCoin Partnerships

Phase 4

(From 2024)

  • EgonCoin Exchange Development
  • EgonNFT Prime
  • EgonPay Development
  • EgonAi Development
  • EgonCoin PR
  • Marketing Drive
  • EgonStatus App
  • EgonMall E-commerce
  • CoinVIla Upgrade
  • EgonPayment Gateway

Own the platform you are building on

First on the list to be created powered by EgonCoin blockchain is s simple marketplace for both NFTs and goods and service to bring mass adaption for blockchain use cases.


Become a coin holder and participate in the growth of EgonCoin


Provide services on the EgonCoin Network or become an operator such as a payment processor, Fiat ramp, wallet provider and more.


Become a token holder and participate in the growth of EgonCoin Blockchain. Holders can stake EGON using the Elevated staking DApp to earn more EGON

EgonCoin is an open source stack built for the modern business needs